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different between raftless vs riftless




raft +? -less


raftless (not comparable)

  1. Without a raft.


  • fartless

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raftless in Examples From Wordnik

  • People then beheld Arjuna crossing that raftless ocean constituted by steeds and foot-soldiers and elephants and cars, and having mighty weapons for its waves, on a bridge constituted by his own mighty weapons of offence and defence.
  • Their refuge having been destroyed by Arjuna, they were then like raftless merchants, whose vessels have wrecked on the fathomless ocean, desirous of crossing the uncrossable main.
  • Desirous of rescuing the wicked Suyodhana who was sinking in a raftless sea, he slaughtered many lords of Earth among the Cedis, the
  • It behoveth thee, O Bharata, to become a raft and rescue those brave warriors, those great bowmen, that are sinking in the raftless ocean represented by Karna.
  • Duryodhana for their head, (were filled with delight) like raftless men desirous of crossing the ocean when they meet with a raft.
  • "Bhishma said, 'Be he a Sudra or be he the member of any other orders, he that becomes a raft on a raftless current, or a means of crossing where means there are none, certainly deserves respect in every way.




rift +? -less


riftless (not comparable)

  1. Without a rift.


  • frislets, fritless, stiflers

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riftless in Examples From Wordnik

  • It is emptiness like the hollow in the reed, the narrow riftless emptiness which can have only one destiny: to receive the piper's breath and to utter the song that is in his heart.
  • There to our left, looking like a long, riftless cloud bank, lay a pale-washed impression of the coast of
  • "The industrial rivals of the Negro, led on by those who would exploit race prejudices for their profit and those who feel that grave danger lurks in a mixed civilization, keep the baser passions of the people so inflamed that such horrible outrages take a place that the future often seems overshadowed with a cloud dark, portentous and riftless.

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